Psych & Socio

April 2018                                                                                                                                      Author: Rebecca Louison, Psychology BS & MMU graduate student

We are proud to present the article below, just recently published in The Journal of the American College of NutritionA Multimodal Nonpharmacologic Intervention Improves Mood and Cognitive Function in People with Multiple Sclerosis

We asked Rebecca to try to sum up her study in just one sentence: “Patients with head and neck cancer often experience great pain and fatigue from treatment; with this in mind, we examined if Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS units) could help patients with the symptoms from radiation treatment.”

Rebecca says her research began as an undergrad when Dr. Dew simply asked her, “Who is interested in doing research with a faculty member?” This “started something amazing” and she went on to collaborate with Dr. Dew, where she studied “design, data collection, analysis, and lit reviews. It was creative. We bounced ideas off of one another, talked about what would work, or wouldn’t work. Why we thought the results were what they were. And what we could do going forward. We were colleagues (at least in my opinion). I learned more about research methods than I ever thought possible.”

As a graduate student, she worked with Dr. Jen Lee, with whom she has “published twice more, am working on another, and have had the opportunity to be the first author of another article currently under review. I have seen a project through from data collection, analysis, lit review, writing, submission to a journal, and through the remaining steps.”